Hans Erik

Hans Erik is an independent musician living in Brooklyn, New York. He led two bands from 2002 to 2007 in the Midwest. Both HanZsolo and Hanz Erik and the Hims toured the region and played to thousands. HanZsolo garnered heavy regional college radio play, and Hanz Erik and the Hims had a song featured in an independent movie.

Since moving to New York in 2007 Hans has been performing solo and occasionally with percussionist Chris Stromquist and Erik Naslund in such venues as The Rockwood Music Hall and Googie’s Lounge above the Living Room.

He has been working on several musical projects, an original music project with longtime friends Erik Naslund and Ollie Bauer, a solo effort that is in it’s final phase of completion, a piano/voice album and a new band recording for a soon to be assembled band with friend and bassist Erik Naslund. From 2000-2001 Hans wrote and sang commercial music with Hest and Kramer Music, for which he still sings demos for national and regional spots. He is presently building a music production and audio post business in New York City.

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