Hanz Erik and the Hims

Hanz Erik and the Hims was a Minneapolis/St. Paul based band that was active throughout the Midwest from 2005-2007. The band consisted of Stein Malvey on guitar and backing vocals, Erik Naslund on bass and backing vocals, and at first Ollie Bauer on drums, later replaced by George Marich. This is the story:

In early 2005, HanZsolo the band had begun recording their second album. But two events derailed the whole process. Ollie Bauer decided to leave the band and the George Lucas’ legal team had contacted Hans and threatened to sue him for trademark infringement. Hans had half an album recorded, was down a drummer, and suddenly had no band name.

While this was a difficult time, this sad state of affairs didn’t last too long. Hans became determined to forge ahead and soon new opportunities started presenting themselves. He met drummer George Marich who was eager to join the band, he finished writing the songs for the second half of the album and went into the studio again to cut the new tracks, and he decided to call the band Hanz Erik and the Hims. In mid 2006 Copay was released.

Hanz Erik and the Hims continued where HanZsolo left off, playing in the region’s top clubs throughout the Midwest and continuing to build a dedicated fan base. Their song, Potential Energy, was featured in the independent movie, Lovelss in Los Angeles. Their song, Girl Up In My Mind, was a local radio show favorite and Kissing Princes and Fresh Invention were audience favorites. The band played shows right up until Hans left Minneapolis for New York City in 2007.

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